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Thursday, September 28, 2006


In an effort to get the creative juices flowing, and to play with a smaller value range (similar to what I struggled with in Lou, see his blog below), I started a new piece today.

Untitled at this point, it features a row of sleeping vizsla puppies. These pups are from a litter belonging to Thyme, who I’ve had the honor of painting before. She inspired me to learn more about this breed, with coats of liquid gold. I just adore painting them.

I’ve got a very nice pattern happening here – the stripes created by the puppies’ bodies, the (eventual) stripes on the blanket, and their precious little rick-rack collars.

I worked this one in the same palette I’ve used on the last couple paintings: cadmium red and yellow, with pthalo blue red, and lots of titanium white.

I’ve started with a generic blocking in of color – first I laid down some basic orange shapes, and placed a wash of blue around them. After that dried, I went back and drew in the puppies, concentrating on their bone structure – getting the heads and spines aligned properly. Then I put in three basic oranges, and have started to model the puppies a bit more.

This is the stage where sometimes I'll halt for a week or two, and study the piece to determine if any substantial changes need to be made. I enjoy looking at the bare bones of the painting, too - it's easier to appreciate it's abstract qualities at this point, and I have yet to mess anything up. :)

I’m planning on entering this in the juried 2007 Art Show at the Dog Show. I’m also considering making prints of the finished painting. If you are interested in purchasing either this painting or a print, please drop me a line (

Thanks again for taking the time to stop by!

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